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Realistic interior showcase app

Lightweight! Even works fine on old phones!

Video Combiner for Nintendo Switch

🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️ ➡️ ➡️ 🖼️

Nintendo Switch only able to record videos for 30s, resulting in tons of chunks of short videos if you want to record long play session. This app will combine these chunks into one in seconds, without losing any quality.

+ Download switchvideocombiner.exe (ver. 0.1.1) from (Main Server |

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+ Initial release

P.T. Silent Hills Recovery Project

P.T., also known as Silent Hills is an historical masterpiece made by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. But it has been taken away, wiped from existence. My effort to recover its access was covered by a lot of international video game and technology websites.

+ Polygon + Eurogamer + Technobuffalo + Many more!

Mafia II Empire Expander

Pioneered the restoration of cut content functionality and expanded the Empire Bay.

Glove Xperia

MORE THAN 20000 INSTALLS! Enable Glove Mode and increase screen sensitivity.

Disable USB Charging

Keep your battery healthy by disabling USB charging. Nifty for Android Developers that often use ADB via USB.

Kuis Puzzle Snack 90an

Challange your memory and puzzle solving skill.

Food Warz

One-level protoype of food eating competition video game, complemented with design-it-yourself clothing pattern.


Balloon Trip / Flappy Bird clone made in one evening

Dirt 2 - Batik Liveries

Rally car with Batik pattern as its Liveries.

Comic Max

Hassle-free opensource comic reader.