Bayu's Portfolio


It just works

Twitter Conversation Mapping

See what people are talking in Yogyakarta. It also able to automatically send disaster related information to people in relevant location when disaster alert was detected. I worked on this for my Master Thesis.

Tourist Destination Map and Hotel Booking

An interactive map that automatically collects and display latest public photographs of tourist destinations, and shows hotels available for booking. It relies on Flickr API to get latest pictures.

Kamus Blora

A very simple Blora x Indonesia dictionary.

Destiny Lore Archive

The place where stories unfold

Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur UNDIP

Website to provide latest information to fellow students. Forum to get some discussion going and submit student projects.

Formerly online at as HMA official website. Now it has been replaced by other management.

BNPB Web Design



2015: XenForo not only for discussion forum but also news website (with responsive design).


Usaha Hutomo Catering